by Anne
Bicycle in front of tea fields

Hi, I’m Anne! I’m the author behind Shizen Travel, a travel blog dedicated to sharing my favorite places to explore.

The ultimate goal is to get you, the reader, off the screen and into the real world.

Advertisers, streaming services, and “content creators” (including me, as a travel writer) compete for your most precious resource: your attention. However, what I appreciate most about the medium of travel writing is that it promotes travel, which inherently requires you to apply your attention to your own experience.

I hope that my articles inspire you to explore new places, try new foods, and feel excited about present and future adventures. Every city, hotel, restaurant, and activity that I recommend in my articles is suggested because either I (or occasionally, someone close that I trust) have personally experienced it.

Read my suggestions, take screenshots, save links, write notes. Then close the page, get off your screen, and enjoy traveling. 🙂


“Shizen” in Japanese translates to “nature” or “natural”. The kanji for “shizen” (自然) literally means “a natural state”.

Shizen Travel connects people back to their natural state of curiosity and exploration.